VisionWire helps organisations through the power of design to drive elegant and sustainable change. We design strategy, shape human-centred activities, coach to stimulate innovation, and solve problems.

Strategy by Design


Elegant strategy

VisionWire acts as a strategic partner to our clients by effectively transforming how their businesses operate. We gather research insights and ideas, then convert them into business opportunities, articulating external possibilities with internal capabilities. We work with you to envision and redesign existing business concepts and create new ones that explore potential scenarios based on people’s needs and existing business models, resulting in new opportunities.

Clean design

We work closely with our clients to help increase customer adoption by questioning, testing and validating business assumptions, and through the development of minimum viable products.

Simple delivery

Our methods allow us to uncover new ways of improving your customer experience, be it by modifying a product, service or process, or by creating new ones. We always provide a set of actionable, pre-scheduled recommendations that help guide you through the next steps.

Change by Design


Strategy for change

We create organisational excellence by using a people-led approach to ensure the change prevails and transforms business. We help to define what your ideal business future is, and design a change framework and road map to get you there. We give your people the skills, tools and enthusiasm to make your ideal future a reality.

Culture change & engagement

A business can’t change or rollout products and services unless its staff and culture are on-board, which is why an organisation’s people are so essential in any transition. We look at the best way to get staff on board by applying an approach that addresses change at every level of your business, including how people at those levels could be affected.

Our approach to change management

We don’t believe in, or prescribe a formulaic approach to change. Instead, we start by working to fully understand what your challenge is, where you ultimately want to be, and why. Once we understand this, we will use our unique blend of expertise to outline a “how to” to deliver the change you seek.

Insight Workshops & Coaching

We create custom-designed workshops based on your organisation’s needs, ranging from one hour talks, to half- and full-day professional workshops.

Solutions that stick 

With a human-centric approach, bespoke solutions, and creative problem solving, VisionWire focuses on strategic design that’s sustainable long after a plan is set in motion.