About VisionWire

A boutique strategic design consultancy that finds creative, elegant and sustainable solutions for positive change. Our human-centred approach and bespoke strategies can help any organisation of any size to change for the better.

Based in Wellington, VisionWire is a strategic design consultancy that does more than simply create solutions for an organisation – we utlise principles of design to create solutions that are innovative and meaningful.

This subtle but key difference means that those involved, from the newest interns to the veteran CEO, are capable of understanding, supporting, and adopting the changes required for growth.

We think of ourselves as the bridge that helps organisations smoothly transition their vision to reality. VisionWire uses strategic design, human-centred approaches, and design thinking to create solutions and well-considered, insightful, fit-for-purpose products and services.

Working closely with organisations to establish their needs before collaborating in order to design tailored activities that engage and educate everyone about what it will take to implement these changes.

Aware of the need for sustainability and longevity, we coach organisations throughout the process to ensure this new-found approach to thinking and unpacking a problem can be continued into the future. By having your people involved through all steps of the process, you can ensure change happens harmoniously and that solutions are adopted by all.

Why thinking like a designer enables innovation, why VisionWire

In its simplest form, design thinking is a mindset, the primary focus of which is to develop an understanding of the people for whom a solution is being designed. Design thinking is often referred to as “human-centric” because its focus is on the affected people; their feelings, knowledge, beliefs and attitudes. Design thinking helps businesses better identify, understand, and address the problems that plague organisations and their customers. It values solutions over processes and creativity and innovation over traditions.

Design thinking recognises that people impacted by change have the best and most nuanced view, not only of the solution, but the actual problem itself. When design thinking is incorporated, practitioners are able to get a deep understanding of the problem from the perspective of all affected. Subsequently, the same people can devise a solution that satisfies the needs, feelings and attitudes of all, be they management who recognise there is a problem or the people who will ultimately action the solution itself.

VisionWire puts people at the heart of creative, elegant solutions to ensure that changes are upheld long after they are implemented.


    Solutions that stick

    With a human-centric approach, bespoke solutions, and creative problem solving, VisionWire focuses on strategic design that’s sustainable long after a plan is set in motion.