Solutions that stick

Utlising a combination of human-centric design, innovation, creativity, and collaboration, we design strategy for elegant and sustainable change for your organisaton.

Re-imagine the possibilities

VisionWire works with a range of organisations, from not-for-profits to government agencies, and from education to the scientific sectors. We work with you to solve complex problems and explore opportunities both  big and small. Designing elegant solutions tailor-made for your organisation.

What we do

VisionWire incorporates design thinking and human centric design into every aspect of what we do

This includes change & transformation,  service innovation, strategic design & new value creation, building capability and employee experience.

About VisionWire

VisionWire is a boutique strategic design consultancy based in Wellington that focuses on strategic design, and change and transformation. VisionWire helps organisations deliver innovative, competitive solutions to problems that meet the needs of all involved.

Strategy and resulting implementation often fail to hit the mark because they are either not clear in what choices need to be achieved, or the people side of the equation hasn’t been thought through.

A typical approach to development is one that examines an organisation, finds ways to make improvements, and creates a strategic plan for that organisation. And when it comes to implementing that change, often what is seen is a prescribed change framework and associated activities that may or may not fit the people, environment or the culture the change is happening in. But VisionWire is no ordinary consultancy, and that is not what we do.

Instead, VisionWire works with you to explore potential opportunities through a design process, and then creates a strategic plan with you. As well as our creativity, innovation, and commitment to elegant solutions, our resolve to work with organisations to ensure all solutions are sustainable – that they ‘stick’ – is what sets us apart.

Solutions that stick 

With a human-centric approach, bespoke solutions, and creative problem solving, VisionWire focuses on strategic design that’s sustainable long after a plan is set in motion.